Brazilian Rail Operator Uses Satellite PTT Solution to Improve Coverage in Remote Areas
Government authorities and logistics providers across the world are constantly having to adapt to an increasing number of challenges facing the transport sector. The movement of goods and people across large areas can be very challenging, especially when trying to ensure operations are always as efficient, safe and sustainable as possible. Fortunately, the internet of things (IoT) combined with satellite communications networks can provide the solution to overcome these challenges.  FULL STORY
Motorola Acquires Video Security Solution Provider Pelco (8/3/20)

British Coast Guard Purchases New Radio Network (8/3/20)

PCTEL Enters Agreement with Distributor in Europe, Middle East, Africa (8/3/20)

L3Harris Completes Sale of Holographic Sighting Division (8/3/20)

Ceragon Networks Announces Second-Quarter Financial Results (8/3/20)

Federal Engineering to Perform Dispatch Assessment for California Agencies 能上p站的梯子2022

COVID-19 Pandemic Accelerates FirstNet Adoption Rate, Board Chair Says (7/31/20)

FCC Denies Request to Extend 9-1-1 Reliability Certifications Deadline (7/31/20)

FCC Approves Key Bridge SAS for Initial Commercial Deployment in CBRS Band (7/31/20)

DHS S&T Seeks Technology Solutions to Help with COVID-19 Pandemic (7/31/20)

L3Harris Reports Second-Quarter Results (7/31/20)

Astronics Reports Quarterly Financial Results (7/31/20)

Maryland County Selects Hexagon Records Management System (7/31/20)

Survey Finds UAS Programs Increasing in Size, Scope; Funding Remains an Issue
V/P/N热点v2.6.3 手机连着WIFI开热点 - 冰封娱乐网:2021-11-18 · V/P/N热点v2.6.3 手机连着WIFI开热点 冰封 2021-11-18 00:00 网络收集 简介 软件需要ROOT 权限才能使用 作用: 把手机变成WIFI中继器,连着别人的WIFI再开一个热点。开的热点可以走代理,也就是手机挂了代理开的热点也能富强 下载地址 ...

【求助】怎么上p站-Creepr!!-泛糖 - Fun Tang Net!:2021-4-6 · P站干嘛的,不懂就问 一个日本的插画网站,画手可以上传自己的作品,支持下载 2021-4-1 07:38:27 回复 2160478 Lv2 17 # 软件版是不会显示太肉的图的,可以直接看网站,但是都需要挂vpn
The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) Emergency Communication Networks (ECN) developed a wireless carrier evaluation guide to help public-safety agencies in the state and around the country evaluate broadband wireless se...

Verizon’s IAB Plans to Provide Faster 5G Deployment, Remote 5G Coverage for Responders
Verizon announced a successful test of its Integrated Access Backhaul (IAB) technology, which executives said will help the carrier more quickly deploy 5G coverage across its network and provide 5G coverage to public safety throug...

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We’ve Seen This Interference Movie Before
The FCC has permitted unlicensed devices to share the 6 GHz band with public-safety and critical infrastructure industries (CII) microwave systems. By permitting such sharing without first demonstrating that co-existence can work in the field, there is a dangerous risk with disastrous consequences.

Industry Innovation Pushes on Amid Pandemic
The world around us — both globally and locally — changed dramatically a few months ago when the COVID-19 pandemic began to hit country after country. Many things have changed, among them numerous cancellations and job losses, but one positive is the continuing innovation in the mission-critical communications industry

How Public Television and Datacasting Could Help Fight COVID-19
U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Bruce Crawford recently addressed public television station managers to share his vison about the future of the Army’s information and communications technology needs. He spoke about leveraging existing infrastructure and capabilities to improve information sharing, resiliency and readiness for the Army. He acknowledged that the commercial...

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Featured Products

Freedom R8200 from Astronics Test Systems

The Freedom R8200 from Astronics Test Systems is the first test instrument to combine the full functionality of an LMR service monitor with the RF network analysis capability of a Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). The included VNA has a frequency range up to 6 GHz and enables near-instantaneous measurements of cable/antenna Return Loss and Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR). The Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR) based Distance-To-Fault function sweeps and profiles discontinuities in transmission lines to accurately pinpoint faulty components... MORE

Comba CriticalPoint Public Safety Fiber DAS

Comba's CriticalPoint Class A 700MHz/800MHz single or dual band channelized Fiber DAS is designed with public safety first responders in mind. Our Fiber DAS ispixiv稳定梯子

Introducing the NEW STI-CO Covert Tri-Band OEM Style Antenna!

Get extraordinary connectivity with this multi-band antenna designed to be used with single-port multi-band radios. Our streamlined design makes it simple and easy to install on most vehicles and is paired with our exclusive, durable Flexi-Whip design.MORE

OTTO All New Bluetooth Revo NC2

The new Bluetooth Revo NC2 combines Bluetooth technology and high-definition audio to take speaker mic functionality to a new level. Built-in Bluetooth wirelessly pairs with smartphones, tablets and some two-way radios to provide convenient hands-free listening and easy push-to-talk without the safety hazard of a cable connection. The specially-designed high-definition audio amplifier ensures every transmission is heard clearly and accurately for greater mission success.MORE

Kirisun DP 580 / 585 Radio

The DP 580 / 585 IP66 rated and compliant with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards, with advanced Analog Signaling including MDC1200, 2-Tone, 5-Tone and DTMF. Its ergonomic design with a Large 4-line LCD Screen and a Full Keypad allowing access to all DMR functions. A version without keypad DP 585 or LCD is also available. Dual knob controls for Volume and Chanel selection. Available in UHF and VHF formats, offering Analog, Digital and mixed mode operation. Includes ARC 40 encryption as standard with optional AES and DES as well as GPS + Man down.MORE

Icom: One-to-Many Global Communications

Icom’s IC-SAT100 allows users around the world to communicate with a group of PTT radios at the push of a button. To do this, the IC-SAT100 utilizes Iridium® satellite network covering the earth including both poles providing wide area global communication anywhere on the planet. These SAT100 radios use SATELLITE PTT (Push-To-Talk), which is a two-way radio system using the Iridium® satellite network. This network allows you to use in remote, isolated areas without mobile phones or landline network infrastructure or if terrestrial network infrastructure is rendered unusable by human or natural disasters. p站搭梯子加速软件

Davicom’s New Cortex 320 Manages Remote Sites on a Budget!

Davicom’s new Cortex 320 allows the cost-effective management of remote sites and incorporates over 25 years of experience and knowledge in the remote site management industry. The resulting product is a versatile and intelligent unit that is more than reasonably priced. Whether it be the versatile inputs that can be configured for either Metering or Status signals, the relays that can be set for Form A, B or C operation, the SNMP agent, the small size, the secure web-based access or the full electromagnetic immunity, every aspect of the Cortex 320 has been optimized to maximize value for small budget.MORE

Sierra Wireless AirLink® MG90

High Performance Multi-Network Vehicle Router. FirstNet deployed! The AirLink® MG90 is a high-performance dual-LTE-Advanced vehicle networking platform that offers extensible multi-network connectivity, to provide secure uninterrupted communications for the world’s most demanding mission-critical applications in public safety, transit and field services fleets. MORE

使用kcptun加速梯子 | 果子DO IT:2021-2-18 · 使用kcptun加速梯子 2021/02/1814:41:19 发表评论 摘要:在国内如果经常要访问一些诸如Google、Facebook、Youtube等在天朝根本不存在的网站,最便捷的方式就是用Shadowsocks搭梯子。但是往往梯子太长,即使梯子带宽足够宽,线路质量也是不忍直视 ...

E/M Wave Inc. is pleased to announce our new multi-band product series supporting LMR and Public Safety requirements for NMO+WiFi and NMO+WiFi+GPS/GLNSS applications. The new 51000 Shark Fin series expands on E/M Wave’s highly successful low profile NMO/GPS combination family by integrating a high performance dual band WiFi (2.4/5.x GHz) and GPS/GLNSS (Optional) antenna. A key benefit of the 3-in-1 multi-antenna configuration includes a single ¾” hole mount installation while permitting the installer to use their selected VHF, UHF or 700/800 NMO antenna.


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Hytera Asks Court to Approve Sale of U.S. Subsidiaries to Other Hytera Entity

Utilities Organizations Petition for Review of 6 GHz Unlicensed Use

FCC Fines HobbyKing for Marketing Drone Transmitters on Unauthorized Frequencies


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Brazilian Rail Operator Uses Satellite PTT Solution to Improve Coverage in Remote Areas

Survey Finds UAS Programs Increasing in Size, Scope; Funding Remains an Issue

Minnesota Offers Checklist for Evaluating Commercial Broadband Providers

August 2020

11 - 13
ENTELEC Conference and Expo

31 - 9/4
UTC Telecom & Technology
Virtual Conference and Expo

September 2020

9 - 10
Comms Connect New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand
为什么UU加速器能加速外网游戏却上不了外网? - 知乎:2021-12-22 · 区分好加速器和梯子的区别,早些年8LAG确实可以翻出去,大概是2021年的时候,后来政策有变,加速 器不允许… 首页 发现 等你来答 登录 加入知乎 网游加速器 为什么UU加速器能加速外网游戏却上不了外网?显示全部 关注者 86 被浏览 188,589 ...

21 - 21
NENA Conference and Expo
Virtual Conference and Expo

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  Use of Lumped-Element Filters as Harmonic, or Low Pass Filters
James Reville, Principal Systems Engineer, Sinclair Technologies, a Division of Norsat International

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VPN - 知乎 - Zhihu:虚拟专用网络的功能是:在公用网络上建立专用网络,进行加密通讯。在企业网络中有广泛应用。VPN网关通过对数据包的加密和数据包目标地址的转换实现远程访问。VPN有多种分类方式,主要是按协议进行分类。VPN可通过服务器、硬件、软件等多种方式实现。
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